Introduction to Prophecy

What is Prophecy?


Prophecy = is a prediction of the future or revelatory utterance

⦁ Different Types of Prophecy
⦁ Bible Prophecy
⦁ Personal Prophecy

Prophetic = to hear from God.

Prophesy = to speak or sing by divine inspiration (proclamation) or speak as a prophet.

Prophet = A person that is equipped & built to hear spiritual things and interpret them in the language & communication of their era and culture.

⦁ Roeh – “a seer”- 1 Samuel 9:9

⦁ Nabhi – one in whom the message from God springs forth – a bubbling forth.

When speaking about the prophetic we come to realize that God has a voice (Psalm 68:33, Psalm 18:13, Psalm 29) and He desires to speak to us. The enemy wants us to think and believe that God doesn’t speak.

⦁ To be “prophetic” means to hear something from God and to express what you have heard.

⦁ It also means that there is an added dimension to hearing – a person or church, which is prophetic, has the supernatural ability to see ahead.

Within a prophetic environment an individual hear the plans and purposes for his or her own life, and there is a collective hearing within a church or group of people for a city or nation. Most importantly when operating in the “prophetic” we have to learn to lay down our own agendas and plans or our spiritual hearing can and will be affected.




In the Old Testament the one standing in the position as a prophet to the nation would be the only voice. In the New Testament because of the position we have in our relationship to God, we can all be called “prophetic”.

⦁ In other words, we all have the ability to be able to hear the voice of God and to be led by the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinthians 14:11 1 Corinthians 14:39

⦁ It is God’s desire that we all hear from Him and express or live out what we have heard. We no longer have to rely on one person hearing from God on our behalf.

⦁ Even though we are all encouraged to prophesy, there are some believers who are more developed in the area of the prophetic or more inclined to be prophetic.

⦁ There are different expressions of the prophetic – teaching/preaching, worship, dance, drama. (1 Chronicles 25:1-7)

⦁ The fundamental requirement for those who feel they are prophetic is to have a heart after God for His Bride. There has to be a desire to seek the Lord in all things and to be able to see the church and God’s people the way God sees it.




1. Prophecy will reveal the heart of God to us.

2. 1 Corinthians 14:3 edify = to build up / exhort = to draw alongside someone and shout in their ear with the view to changing their behavior or direction / comfort.

3. To increase our faith and clarify our vision.

4. To give us a prayer strategy.

5. To confirm what we have heard already.

6. Psalm 44:20-21 1 Corinthians 14:24+25.

7. Prophecy spoken into our lives is creative. Isaiah 55.

8. Brings us out of limitation in our thinking Psalm 118:5.

9. It will cause things to happen in the supernatural realm Psalm 29.

10. It will change mindsets Romans 4:17; Luke 7; Judges 6.

11. It will give you a new song to sing Psalm 32.

12. Prophecy will assist you to persevere because you have an idea where you are going.

13. Timothy 1:18 Prophecy is a weapon for warfare.


Levels of The Prophetic


What Does It Mean To Be Prophetic ?


⦁ It simply means to have an ability to hear or see or perceive something from God and to respond by expressing what you have received by speaking ( prophesying ) – acting ( prophetic action ) singing – ( prophetic song )

⦁ A Simple Definition Of Prophecy 1. It is the forth-telling of the divine counsels of God, whether with reference to the past, the present, or the future. 2. It is man speaking forth in a known language a divine utterance or message given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

⦁ Prophet 1. Roeh, “a seer” – 1Sa_9:9 – indicating that the “prophet” was one who had immediate intercourse with God.

⦁ It also translates the word nabhi, meaning “either one in whom the message from God springs forth” – a bubbling forth.


5 Different Levels Of Prophetic Ministry


1. Simple Prophecy – 1Corinthians 14:1 Any believer who speaks something that God brings to mind.

2. Prophetic Gifting – Believers who regularly receive impressions, dreams, visions or other types of revelation, which is usually symbolic in parable or riddle form.

3. Prophetic Ministry – Believers whose gifting has been recognised, nurtured and commissioned for use in the local church. They should still be involved in team ministry.

4. Office Of The Prophet – A person who has called by God out of his own way of life and equipped and gifted to function as a prophet of God.

5. Prophecy Of Scripture – The entire canon of scripture compiled by people inspired by and influence by the Holy Spirit


Characteristics of Prophecy


1Corinthians 14:3 – But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men.

Edification – Oikodome (to build or construct a dwelling) (to promote spiritual growth and development of character of believers) (to make strong or bold).

Exhortation – Parakaleo (to give commands or orders) (to come alongside a person and shouting in the ear with the intention of changing his behavior) (to turn and propel one in a forward direction).

Comfort – Paramuthia (speaking close to someone with a great degree of tenderness) (to apply soothing medicine to a place of irritation).


During these trying and changing times, God is not moved or surprised but He has simply set the stage for the ministry of the prophetic. It is time for God’s church to no longer be reactive to the affairs and mishaps of this world, but to be on the front line speaking forth the mind of God. Right now in this hour God is releasing His revealed knowledge through His Holy prophets that will empower the people of God with wisdom, direction, and insight. It’s time to Prophesy!